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Answers To the Top 5 Questions About Dental Implants in Windermere!

August 17, 2018

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3D image of an implantDid you know that an estimated 3 million Americans have at least one dental implant? Not to mention that another 500,000 implants are placed every year! Clearly, they must be a great replacement option for missing teeth, otherwise – they wouldn’t be so popular. But even after deciding that dental implants in Windermere might be right for you, it’s natural to have some questions. After all, they’re an investment in your oral health and your smile that you’ll have for many years. In this blog, you’ll get answers to 5 of the most common questions so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you!


4 Things to Know about Dental Implants in Windermere

June 8, 2018

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crown, one stage dental implant, two stage dental implantIf you have lost teeth or are on the brink of extraction, now is the perfect time to think about your replacement options. The most effective method by far is with dental implants in Windermere — the only comprehensive solution that rebuilds the tooth from the root, up. As you are making your decision, there are (at least) 4 important things to know about dental implants. Keep reading to learn more about this wonderful tooth replacement option and whether or not it’s right for you!  


4 Facts You Need to Know about Dental Implants in Windermere

May 18, 2018

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model of dental implant restorationAlthough the rate of tooth loss in the United States has significantly declined over the last several decades, the American College of Prosthodontists estimates that 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. If you find yourself among those who have an incomplete smile, you have probably heard about the benefits of dental implants in Windermere. They are the next best thing to your own natural teeth while offering over a 95% success rate. While you are excited to regain a complete smile, there are some facts you should know about the process.

Are You a Good Candidate For Dental Implants in Windermere?

April 4, 2018

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Model of an implant in the lower jawIf you’re missing some, or even all, of your teeth, don’t worry – you’re not alone! In fact, an estimated 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. As much as tooth loss can impact your quality of life, the good news is that modern dentistry has some outstanding treatment options for replacing teeth.

In fact, the only choice for many years was dentures, but as you know if you’ve ever worn them, there are some serious drawbacks. Thankfully, dental implants in Windermere have changed everything. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of implants and whether they’ll work for you!


Terms You Need to Know to Easily Communicate with a Dentist

March 15, 2018

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dental visit woman smilingHave you ever visited your dentist and been totally confused about your dental problems, treatments, or even how to pay for your dental work? Sometimes the complicated dental terminology can turn patients off from communicating with their dentist or make people feel intimidated.

Poor communication can damage a relationship between a dentist and their patients. We’ve outlined a few dental terms for you to understand in this week’s blog post. Hopefully, you’ll be able to understand more of what your dental team is talking about without feeling as though they are speaking a different language!


Learn 4 Interesting Things About Invisalign in Windermere

February 7, 2018

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invisalign clear aligners Have you seen some of your friends and family raving about their new orthodontic treatment—but you don’t see any brackets or wires? They’re probably talking about their new, modern treatment: Invisalign in Windermere.

That’s right, they could be mentioning those innovative, clear plastic trays that straighten teeth in just about half the time of regular braces! Learn more about Invisalign here—even the things that most dental blogs wouldn’t dare to share in this week’s blog post.


Keeping your Teeth Straight After Invisalign in Windermere Is Easy!

January 26, 2018

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woman smiling happyAfter taking the time to fix your teeth with your Invisalign in Windermere, you can’t afford to have declining oral health after your treatment is completed. In fact, you probably want your smile to only get better and better. If you want to improve your oral health, you’ll need to keep proper care of your retainer, teeth, and gums. Your dentist is here to teach you how in this week’s blog post.


The Expert on Invisalign in Windermere Delivers Straight Teeth in Less Time

December 28, 2017

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woman smiling inserting invisalignA lot can happen in 2 to 5 years. In that timespan some people complete college. Others may find the love of their life and get married. And still others may change jobs a few times. Would you want to be confined to metal braces for that period of time? If you could have straight teeth and the smile you’ve always desired in less time, wouldn’t you prefer that? Of course, you would. That’s why the expert on Invisalign in Windermere is offering you a better way to reach your goals.


If You Want a Straight Smile, Try Invisalign in Windermere!

November 14, 2017

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teeth smile Invisalign It’s common knowledge that a crooked or gapped smile may make someone feel self-conscious. But there’s more that Invisalign in Windermere can do for you than just boost your self-esteem. You may reap many oral health benefits from a straighter smile. The clear, easy straightening system is just an extra perk! Learn more about what you can really gain from a straight smile with the Invisalign system


Everything You Need to Know About Brushing from a Dentist

October 20, 2017

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dental care tools toothbrush When you hop in the shower, you make sure to wash every part of your body—or at least we hope you do! Soap should drip down each part of your body—even your back!

Teeth are a part of your body, so why aren’t people just as thorough about brushing their teeth? Just because your front teeth are what most people see, your back teeth are just as important. There are hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, but hopefully, these tips from your dentist will help you realize why brushing your teeth for at least two minutes a day is critical for oral health.


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