What Causes My Teeth to Turn Gray?

Smile with gray background.Many people put a lot of effort into their smiles—a dazzling set of pearly whites is an attractive feature that does a lot to enhance your confidence! But sometimes your teeth can lose their radiance and become an unfamiliar shade of yellow, brown, or even grayish blue; how does this happen? There are many causes for tooth discoloration, and gray/blue color is caused by a few specific things. Keep reading to learn more about what causes your teeth to turn gray and some things your dentist says you can do about it.

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6 Tips for A Healthier and Happier Smile

Woman with bright smile.October is here, meaning fall is officially upon us. Halloween is right around the corner and the weather has finally cooled off; but did you know that it’s also National Dental Hygiene Month? Maintaining a healthy and happy mouth doesn’t take much effort, and this month is the perfect opportunity to get your smile back on track. Here are 6 tips from your dentist to help you out!

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What Can I Expect After a Root Canal?

Woman relaxing after root canal.Unlike cockroaches and mosquitos, root canals don’t deserve their bad reputation. After all, the amount of pain associated with this tooth-saving service is about the same as a normal filling – virtually nonexistent.

This treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection, and save the natural tooth. When a person undergoes a root canal, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed.

Keep reading to learn about recovery after a root canal in Windermere and how you can tell if something is wrong to necessitate calling your dentist.

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