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Dental Implants in Windermere

Missing teeth can seriously inhibit your ability to enjoy life. You can’t eat all the foods you love comfortably. You can’t speak without showing off embarrassing spaces where you’re missing teeth, and it can cause speech to be impaired. You can’t smile with complete confidence. And while there have been tooth replacement options available for centuries, solutions such as dentures can be less than ideal. Dental implants from Windermere Dentistry in Windermere, FL can alleviate all of your missing tooth concerns in a way that’s both aesthetically satisfactory and functionally strong. Contact us today if you’re ready to schedule a consultation with our doctors and team members, or if you have any questions we can help you with..



crown and bridge on white cabinetUnlike traditional reconstructive options, dental implants replicate both the crown (the white portion that shows in your smile) and the root (the portion hidden under the gum tissue) of a natural tooth. This comprehensive structure supports both your oral health and your overall quality of life – without a functioning tooth root, the jawbone can deteriorate, leading to higher risks of additional tooth loss and a damaged cosmetic appearance over time. The implant itself is a titanium post that functions as the “root,” and our team will design a custom, all-ceramic dental crown or other restoration to attach on top for a beautifully permanent result.




Dental implants should be considered a worthwhile investment, and the process will be split up over multiple appointments. After our doctors have determined that you’re the right candidate for the procedure, we’ll begin by surgically inserting the implants into the jawbone. Instead of having to refer you to an outside specialist, we’re proud to offer this advanced service right here in-house so that you can remain with a dental team you know and trust.

After the implants have been successfully placed, a period of healing commences, during which the natural bone and tissue will gradually fuse with the implant through a process known as osseointegration. This creates a strong and sturdy foundation that will be able to support custom restorations that look just like your natural teeth.




Multiple options are available for implant restoration, and our recommendation will depend on several important factors, including the number of teeth that need to be recreated, the desired positioning of the teeth, the patient’s budget and personal preference, and more. They include:

  • Implant-retained dental crowns – These crowns are crafted from high-quality, tooth-colored materials, and they’re designed to successfully cover an individual implant without negatively affecting the surrounding healthy dental structure.
  • Implant-retained bridges & dentures – If multiple teeth/implants require coverage, an implant-retained prosthetic could be the perfect way to recreate healthy, strong teeth in a more cost-effective fashion than individual crowns. These custom-made bridges or dentures will be permanently fixed in place for a seamlessly lifelike result.
  • Overdentures – if you prefer the removability of traditional dentures, an overdenture is the option for you. These prosthetics combine age-old convenience with the valuable health benefits of placed implants.




In addition to traditional implants, our doctors at Windermere Dentistry are happy to also offer the state-of-the-art All-On-4 procedure as an effective alternative for patients who’ve lost an entire arch of natural teeth. In order to successfully support the placement of implants, patients will need an adequate amount of healthy jawbone structure; without it, time-consuming grafting procedures may be required before you can start on the road towards the recompleted smile you deserve.

Thankfully, All-On-4 doesn’t require this additional service. Instead, our team will strategically place four implants within the mouth at precise angles to successfully support an implant-retained denture. This new prosthetic can be placed immediately following the surgery, with a permanent model replacing it some time later after the mouth has fully healed.




  • Because implants restore the natural tooth’s entire structure instead of only the crown, oral health is better-preserved over time.
  • Once in place, implants are so beautifully lifelike that they’re virtually impossible to distinguish from your natural teeth.
  • Implants can be treated just like natural teeth, meaning you can continue to brush and floss like normal and enjoy all of your favorite foods.
  • Dental implants are designed to serve you well for many years to come. In fact, properly maintained cases can span thirty years, forty years, or even for the rest of the patient’s life.