Would Veneers or Lumineers Be Better for Enhancing My Smile?

A patient smiling during her dental checkup

Cosmetic dentistry has a variety of ways to bring a smile into a whiter and more beautiful state. If you are concerned about chips, cracks, stains, gaps, or misalignments in your teeth, veneers and Lumineers can both be excellent options to cover up these flaws and allow you to present prettier pearly whites to the world. Read on to learn a little more about these two incredible, versatile treatment options along with some tips as to which option is right for you.

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How Does a Dentist Prepare Teeth for Crowns?

A 3D illustration of a tooth prepped for a dental crown

If you need a dental crown, you’re probably eager to get it. After all, the cap will protect and beautify your pearly white. Still, crown placement can’t actually be done immediately. Your local dentist will have to prepare your tooth for treatment first. (A crown won’t work otherwise.) As for what that prep work looks like, your Windermere dental practice is happy to explain. To that end, here’s how a dentist prepares a tooth for a crown.

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Want a Beach-Ready Smile? Here’s How Veneers Can Help

a man smiling at the beach after getting veneersDo you have stains, gaps, or minor chips in your smile? In either case, you’ll likely want to avoid feeling self-conscious about your pearly whites, especially if you’re getting ready to head to the beach. If you’re looking for an effective and comprehensive solution for upgrading your smile, veneers are the way to go. Keep reading to learn how these porcelain layers can help you show off a dazzling set of teeth for your summer photos!

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Signs of Gingivitis & What You Can Do About Them

person with gingivitis covering mouth

Gingivitis, a mild type of gum disease, is characterized by gum inflammation and irritation. The primary cause of gum disease is the accumulation of plaque, a sticky bacterial film that forms on the teeth and gumline. It is essential to recognize the signs of gingivitis early on to ensure timely treatment. Continue reading as we discuss the main indicators of gum disease to be aware of and offer practical approaches to effectively manage this condition.


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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You?

person with nice smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry

Welcome to the world of cosmetic dentistry, where the pursuit of a beautiful and healthy smile is made possible. Whether you are looking to whiten your teeth, correct misalignments, or enhance the overall appearance of your smile, cosmetic dentistry offers a range of solutions tailored to your unique needs. But how can you know if it’s the right fit for you? Keep reading as we explore the various treatments and procedures available to transform your smile into something you love.


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Why Toothaches Hurt More at Night

person with toothache sleeping peacefully at night

Severe toothaches can be incapacitating, leading to difficulty concentrating and enjoying time with loved ones. Seeking emergency dental care is crucial if you experience persistent pain in one of your pearly whites. Toothaches often worsen at night, making it difficult to sleep. But what is the cause of this? Learn about the reasons why this can happen, the possible causes of toothaches, and preventive measures you can take.


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What to Expect When Getting Dentures Relined

illustration of implant dentures

In the United States, an estimated 120 million people are missing one or more teeth. Having gaps in your beam can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable smiling, laughing, or speaking in front of others. Dentures are an excellent solution for those missing several or all of their teeth. Though dentures can last an average of five to seven years, they will eventually need to be relined. Keep reading to learn what to expect during this process, types of relining, and signs that your restorations need it.


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Can Dentures Help Stop Bone Loss in Your Jaw?

Senior man on couch smiling with denturesLosing multiple teeth can lead to a wide variety of issues. Obviously, your ability to speak and chew will be limited, but you may be surprised to learn that your jaw will start to lose some of its bone density. Dentures give you an efficient, affordable way to fill in the space in your smile, but do they address all the consequences of missing teeth? Here’s what you need to know about dentures and jawbone preservation.

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Why Detecting Early Oral Health Issues Is Essential

A patient smiling during her dental checkupWhen it comes to preventing, detecting, and treating oral health issues, regularly visiting your dentist is paramount. However, many people are hesitant to even give their dentist a call due to fear of pain, potentially costly bills, and a reluctance about dental work in general. But these appointments will ensure that your smile looks and feels great for the foreseeable future! Your dentist in Windermere has five reasons why detecting oral health issues early is absolutely in your best interest.

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Don’t Just Brush Dentures While They’re in Your Mouth!

A dentist cleaning dentures in Windermere

As you might know, dentures are tooth prosthetics that replace missing teeth. They thus represent one of the ways dentists can restore your smile! That said, they don’t function exactly like natural teeth. In particular, you shouldn’t just brush dentures while they’re in your mouth. Rather, you should take them out first to clean them more effectively. If you want to know more, let your local dental practice help. Read on to learn why cleaning dentures in Windermere involves more than in-mouth brushing.

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