Dentures at dentist's office.It isn’t always easy to separate fact from fiction; many myths and morsels of misinformation tend to circulate around and cause confusion. Some of these myths involve dentures, and despite some of the weird or negative things you might’ve heard about them, they’re actually a viable dental solution with many useful applications and benefits! Keep reading as we dismiss five of the most common myths regarding dentures.

Myth #1: Dentures Are Unattractive

High-quality dentures look just like your natural teeth! Cheaper dentures are made of inexpensive materials and usually aren’t customized to complement your face—these will certainly give you an unattractive smile. But high-quality dentures are the real deal and will provide you with a beautiful and fully functional smile while also reducing mouth wrinkles and loose skin around the chin and neck.

Myth #2: Dentures Are Worn 24/7

Fixed dentures (dentures attached to dental implants) cannot be removed on your own and remain in your mouth as you sleep; however, non-fixed dentures need to be removed at nighttime! This allows you not only to soak and clean your dentures, but also gives your mouth and gums a break—they can become sore and swollen if you leave your dentures in overnight.

Myth #3: Dentures Last a Lifetime

Dentures are temporary appliances and are meant to last 5 – 8 years with proper care. The daily wear and tear of biting and chewing will gradually wear out your dentures; even fixed dentures attached to dental implants will likely need to be replaced in your lifetime. Cheaper dentures can last for an even shorter time.

Myth #4: Dentures Aren’t Custom-Made

Everybody’s mouth is different, meaning that everyone has their own individual dental needs. High-quality dentures provided by your dentist are customized to fit perfectly and comfortably inside of your mouth so you can wear them all day long without issues.

Myth #5: Dentures Are Effortless

Having dentures does not exempt you from practicing good oral hygiene; dentures require proper care and maintenance and can fail if you do not take care of them. Your gums and tongue can still collect bacteria in addition to your dentures, so keeping everything clean is important for your overall oral health. You should also visit your dentist regularly to ensure that your dentures fit correctly.

Around 35 million Americans have no teeth, and 90% of them seek dentures as a solution; dispelling all the false myths surrounding dentures helps to ensure that people continue to turn towards them for their compromised smiles.

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