6 Types of Tooth Pain That Should Be Monitored By an Emergency Dentist

As you drive away from the office, you can feel your shoulders noticeably relax as your weekend commences. While weaving in and out of traffic, you begin to think about how you can celebrate. Perhaps ordering a pizza and having an at-home movie night? Or maybe you’ll indulge in some ice cream before heading to bed early. But your thoughts are interrupted as the once dull ache in your mouth turns into a sharp, stabbing pain. It looks like your weekend plans are going to involve a trip to the dentist as well.

Sound familiar? According to the American Dental Association, 15% of U.S. adults scheduled their most recent visit to the dentist due to mouth pain. While initially it can be tempting to take the “just wait and see” approach, an emergency dentist is sharing six types of tooth pain in Windermere that shouldn’t be ignored.

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