Eating at your favorite restaurant has always been your birthday tradition. How will you explain to your family that you can’t eat your birthday steak this year? Your missing tooth has made it increasingly more difficult to chew, and you feel embarrassed trying to deal with this in front of other people. You wonder if there are any solutions for restoring your smile so you can enjoy that steak again.

Missing Teeth Affect Oral Health

While you struggle to talk and eat with your missing tooth, you are probably unaware of what’s happening behind the scenes with your missing tooth. Your healthy teeth are beginning to shift and make their way into the open space left by your lost tooth. This can lead to:

  • Bite misalignment: When your bite is not aligned correctly it can cause damage to your teeth and pain in your jaw joint.
  • Fractures: Your teeth may be more easily cracked or fractured when your teeth are not properly aligned.
  • Gum disease: Shifting teeth increase your risk of problems with your periodontal health.

When you are missing a root, your jawbone has nothing left to support and it begins to dissolve. This can affect the support for your remaining teeth, which could lead to additional tooth loss. In order to protect your oral health, it’s a good idea to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible.

Are Dental Implants a Good Solution for Missing Teeth?

Dental implants happen to be the best option that dentistry has to offer for replacing one or more missing teeth. They are a reliable treatment, as they offer a 95% success rate. The reason they are so successful is because they not only replace your tooth, but they also restore your root.

This is done with a titanium post that is placed into your bone during a simple surgical procedure. Titanium is biocompatible, so it naturally integrates with your bone and acts like your root. It also creates a firm and stable foundation for your new tooth.

Your new tooth is comprised of high quality porcelain customized to match your lost tooth in both shape and shade. A dental implant functions just like a natural tooth, so you’ll chew, eat, talk, and smile with ease and confidence once again. You’ll also be able to brush and floss normally, making your implant easy to care for.

Don’t miss out on another birthday dinner! Dental implants can be the solution you need to reclaim your confidence and oral health again.

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