You could hardly finish the business luncheon. You took a bite of the crusty bread early on and felt your tooth crack. When you took a drink of your water, the pain kicked in immediately, and it’s been all you could do to try and make it through the rest of lunch without embarrassing yourself in front of the new client. Thank goodness your partner was there so you could just nod and smile. Your tooth needs to be treated, and same-day crowns in Windermere may be the solution you’re looking for.

Why Do I Need a Crown?

When your tooth sustains a crack, injury, fracture, broken restoration, or decay that is beyond the capabilities of what a dental filling can repair, you will need a dental crown to restore your tooth. A crown is designed to restore your entire tooth structure, while protecting the integrity of your root. It offers all the function and aesthetics you had before, and it’s easy to care for as brushing and flossing don’t change.

What is a Same-Day Crown?

Your tooth needs to be repaired as soon as possible in order to prevent more damage and also to eliminate your discomfort. A dental crown used to take a few weeks to complete, however, today with CEREC technology, your dentist in Windermere can see you after lunch and you’ll leave the office in an hour or two with a brand new high quality porcelain crown.

CEREC utilizes 3D technology to scan an image of your tooth directly to our milling machine. Then our doctors can design your crown to match your tooth in both shape and shade, and our milling machine will craft it while you wait.

CEREC also eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions that we used in the past to fabricate your crown. It has truly streamlined the crown process to deliver a more efficient and comfortable experience for our patients

With same-day crowns, you won’t miss a beat and you’ll be ready to meet your next client in no time!

About Windermere Dentistry

Dr. Matthew McKissock and Dr. Rupal Thakkar complete your dental dream team at Windermere Dentistry. With both of these doctors bringing their unique skills to the office, you will find services available at our practice that you may not find elsewhere.

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