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As many businesses begin to reopen around the country, some people are still hesitant about completing specific errands they know they need to get done, including dental appointments. The good news is dentists are already very prepared to prevent disease transmission in their offices, making it one of the safest places to be in, even during a pandemic. If you’re wondering what an emergency dentist in Windermere is doing to ensure your safety, keep reading!

Revised Patient Protocols

Prior to finalizing an appointment, dentists make sure to screen all patients before they arrive at the office. This means they’ll be asked about recent places they may have traveled, recent medical history, their current age and any chronic illnesses they currently have. They’ll also be asked if they are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, including coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath. Once the patient arrives, they’ll have their temperature taken so the practice is extra sure that they are not sick.

Patients will also be asked to wait in their car before being called in to the office for their appointment. If a patient has a mask, they are encouraged to wear it up until they are in the dental chair and receiving care either from the dentist or a hygienist. They’ll also need to come alone to reduce potential spread of germs to others.

Frequent Hand Hygiene and Sanitization

Dental offices already practice consistent hand hygiene and disinfection throughout the day, but the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing practices to be extra vigilant. Not only will dentists be educating their teams further on hand hygiene awareness and practice, but they’ll be asked to remove all jewelry and watches.

Teams will also need to disinfect commonly touched surfaces and objects every hour on the hour and before and after every new patient enters the building. All team members that meet with patients will be wearing N95 masks, while other team members will be given standard surgical masks to ensure those who see patients up-close get the protection they need.

Modifications to Dental Technology

While protocols for patients and team members are important, it’s equally crucial that dental offices have the right technology to complement these strict safety guidelines. For example, many practices are placing air purifiers throughout their offices to create surgically clean air, reducing the spread of germs further. Water lines connected to hand pieces and air/water syringes can have diluted hydrogen peroxide running through them for additional disinfection.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are only a handful of the steps dentists are taking to ensure the safety of their patients. When you schedule an appointment with a dentist in Windermere, you’ll have an even better idea of how far they’ll go to ensure your safety during COVID-19.

About Windermere Dentistry

Dr. Matthew McKissock and Dr. Rupal Thakkar are not only highly-trained in many dental procedures, but they understand what’s necessary to keep patients safe during the current pandemic. Whether you need a basic cleaning or help handling a dental emergency, you can expect them to keep you safe through their advanced safety protocols. To schedule your next appointment, you can contact them through their website.

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