Sound familiar? According to the American Dental Association, 15% of U.S. adults scheduled their most recent visit to the dentist due to mouth pain. While initially it can be tempting to take the “just wait and see” approach, an emergency dentist is sharing six types of tooth pain in Windermere that shouldn’t be ignored.

6 Types of Tooth Pain That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Although toothaches seem to always arise at inconvenient times, it is important not to delay treatment. After all, the pain receptors in your mouth are designed to trigger feelings of discomfort to indicate that something is wrong. Therefore, it is important to contact your dentist when you first experience:

  • A sharp or stabbing pain.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Irritation from bleeding or swollen gums.
  • A dull, consistent ache.
  • Soreness or pain that comes and goes.
  • Pain that is accompanied by abnormal symptoms like swollen glands, bad breath, or bleeding.

How Your Dentist Can Help!

All too often, tooth pain is dismissed as just a part of being an adult. However, to keep your teeth and gums in pristine condition, it is of the utmost importance that you contact your dentist when the first symptoms arise. Not only can they treat the root of the issue, but they can also alleviate pain, reduce swelling, and prevent the infection or damage from getting worse. Plus, they can catch and treat other small dental concerns before they turn into big problems!

Whether you are experiencing mild discomfort or sharp pain, it is important to listen to your body and schedule an appointment with your dentist. That way, you can get the fast, effective relief you deserve while simultaneously preserving your smile!

About the Practice

At Windermere Dentistry, each member of the team is united behind their mission to deliver personalized care, high-quality dentistry, and the latest technology has to offer. That way, you can genuinely look forward to your visits, instead of them just being another thing on your checklist. Plus, they offer a comprehensive array of services, so whether you need a routine cleaning, smile upgrade, or emergency treatment, they are ready to help! If you are experiencing tooth pain and are looking for an emergency dentist in Windermere, don’t hesitate to contact them through their website or by phone at 407-909-1099.

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