Have you seen some of your friends and family raving about their new orthodontic treatment—but you don’t see any brackets or wires? They’re probably talking about their new, modern treatment: Invisalign in Windermere.

That’s right, they could be mentioning those innovative, clear plastic trays that straighten teeth in just about half the time of regular braces! Learn more about Invisalign here—even the things that most dental blogs wouldn’t dare to share in this week’s blog post.

First, Understand the Invisalign Treatment

One of the most common questions that dentists receive from patients is “what services or treatments are available to help me straighten my teeth?” Many dentists refer patients to the Invisalign straightening system. Why is that?

The Invisalign straightening system utilizes a series of smooth, clear plastic aligners to guide your teeth into their correct places. These custom clear aligners apply gentle pressure with each set to push your teeth into the right spots, straightening your teeth permanently.

4 Things That You Need to Know About the Invisalign Treatment

1.      You can whiten your teeth while using Invisalign.

Many people may not realize all the advantages that come with the Invisalign treatment.  Besides being able to eat the foods you want, you can also receive the cosmetic treatments you want. Whitening your teeth a few shades brighter is as easy as visiting your local dentist, removing your trays, completing your treatment, and replacing them.

2.      There is an Invisalign diet that you should be aware of.

As mentioned above, you’re able to eat the food that you want when you want. However, many patients find themselves eating less because you must clean your retainers each time you eat. Many people will snack less because of this and stick to their typical three meals a day. Plus, it’s critical to drink lots of water to keep your clear aligners clean.

3.      Cleaning your teeth will take a little longer.

Although your dental routine stays relatively the same (brushing, flossing, and mouthwash if you choose), you’ll also have to clean your aligners, too. This means softly brushing the aligners to remove plaque and bacteria buildup. This will help to keep your aligners truly clear as well.

4.      No one is too old for Invisalign.

It’s true that there are patients who are too young for the Invisalign treatment, like school-aged children. Teenagers and adults can benefit from the Invisalign treatment because their mouth is already fully developed.

If you have more questions about the Invisalign lifestyle or how the treatment works, don’t hesitate to give your local practice a call.

About Our Office

Here at Windermere Dentistry, we want to help patients achieve a better smile in the best way possible. The best way that we know how is with increased comfort, convenience, and real, effective results. Learn more about Invisalign clear aligners and if it’s right for you by contacting our office today.



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